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About Us...

Finding Our Path …


The idea for Stonepath began in 2016, evolving out of a passion for healing crystals and stones. After taking a few turns along the way, Tracey and Matt turned their ideas into Brow Band by Stonepath and Polished Pups by Stonepath. Soul Stones was a natural evolution … and here we are.


But with every burgeoning business, there’s a backstory – this is ours.


Tracey Mitchell


Tracey’s vision of Stonepath came out of a passion for stones and crystals that first started when she found herself attracted to the colours and the individual energies each one possessed. Once she spent time learning more about all their benefits, that’s all it took.

“My journey started with just one or two stones, and it steadily grew into a collection,” she said. “I would wear them on me during my day-to-day activities, but mostly on days off when Matt and I would be venturing about on weekends.”

She came to the realization about how wearing the crystals during her job as a registered equine massage therapist was beneficial, and it was helpful for more than just her.

“I’ve massaged horses for 20 years, and I’m blessed to be able to do what I love and work with such amazing animals,” Tracey said. “I started wearing crystals/stones on me while I was massaging the horses – I found I would pick stones that would help the horses I’d be seeing that day, based on any physical, mental or emotional issues they were dealing with. I’d also choose a stone or two that might assist me, depending on the people I had to deal with on that day’s journey.”

Being so experienced with horses and all that comes with them, Tracey knew she wanted to come up with a product that stood out in both aesthetic and function. Stonepath would be more than just something pretty, and it would help create a mutually beneficial environment for both the animal and their human.

“I knew there were a lot of flashy brow bands out there, but I wanted Stonepath’s product to be different – I wanted to offer something to the horse and, in turn, for the owner to help them in whatever way they needed,” she said. “Our product line is unique, it is custom and it not only offers a bit of ‘bling’ for those looking for that, but it also offers something with energy!”


Matt Harris


Matt is pretty new to healing crystals and stones, but he’s been learning quickly and has come to appreciate what they offer. Formerly a reporter, he uses his skills in communication to delve deeper into what the benefits are for each stone and then tries to convey that to customers who come in with the same questions he had.

“Being part of building Stonepath with Tracey has been a really eye-opening experience for me,” he said. “There are countless ways you can apply the stones to your every-day life, and I think we have a great combination going with both of our brow band and collar lines. And the real fun part of all this for me is finding ways to blend our products with my skills – putting up posts on our social media platforms, updating the website, and dealing with people when they come up to us with all kinds of questions about how stones and crystals can help them and their animals.”



The Process...


It starts with your idea and your vision. Once you’ve decided on the stone you’d like, we take it from there. Tracey and Matt found a leatherworker who Stonepath has joined forces with, and we think his custom work is absolutely fantastic.

“Matt and I were fortunate to come across a wonderful leather craftsman who does all our custom work for us,” Tracey said. “The first demo he came up with for us was amazing – ironically enough the stones we gave him to use were Amazonite, and when I saw it I almost cried … it was exactly what I had envisioned. Ivan said he would be happy to help us, but with a catch – I had to learn how to sew the stones on!”

Each brow band and collar is now crafted with the loving attention it deserves, and Tracey and Matt can’t wait to see where their path takes them.

“I never thought that when Matt and I started this little adventure that I would take on such a ‘productive’ role, but that’s life for you,” Tracey laughed. “Now, I’m so grateful to have such a creative part in putting our client’s vision together of what it is they want for their animals.”