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Pebbles on the Path

January 26, 2019

We've all been there, so it's not unusual to admit this: the winter blues. The cold and snow has shown up in force lately, and the only sun you can sometimes find is on television on one of those impossibly sunny-all-the-time travel shows.

Funny how Santa forgot your tickets again this year, isn't it? Don't worry, it's not so bad. Apart from having good friends and family around, there are plenty of things you can do to shake off that seasonal frown you might be sporting.

Have you considered Lepidolite? Or Citrine? Or perhap...

January 4, 2019

Memory. It's something we all have, a basic function of humanity that we use every day to some extent. It could be something simple that brings a memory back, like seeing a friend or catching a smell of a particular flower or food that whisks you away to when you were at a particular time in your life.

This is the time of year when, if you're lucky, you've made a lot of new memories. The holidays are great for that since they afford you an opportunity to spend time with friends and family.  For the most part, it's the small...

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