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From here to there, but not back again

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, and nobody knows how long it's going to be like this. Maybe we aren't in the middle -- it might be just the beginning, or we could actually be farther along than we thought. I'm not a scientist nor do I play one on T.V., so take these words for whatever you will: the path to the other side of this is different for me than it is for you.

I can hear you asking what you mean, so I will tell you this: my opinion is that the way to navigate these uncertain times is going to look different for me than it will for you. I'm going to listen to the medical professionals and trust they have everyone's best interests in mind when they speak in public, and if they tell me to stay at home/wear a mask/watch Muppet videos for six-plus hours a day ... I will listen.

But it's those non-Muppet video hours that will be different for all of us. Figuring out how to best look after yourself (and those around you) is something that will be unique to you, no matter how similar it might sound to someone else's plan. Read that book you've been meaning to because it's what you need right now, or sit out on your patio/porch/balcony and listen to the birds remind you that its spring because your soul is in need of a little enrichment.

From a healing crystal point of view, there are some ideas you can use: if you're feeling lonely, try keeping some Snowflake Obsidian, Mookaite Jasper, Rhodochrosite or Rose Quartz in your pocket or on your coffee table to help you feel better (these stones, along with some others, help with the Heart chakra). Frustrated that you can't visit with your family and friends? Try some Pyrite, Kyanite, Amethyst, Hematite or Howlite to mellow out and remind yourself that they are right there with you -- then set up a video call to tell each other stories and make plans for what's next. And yes, I know there are lots of anxious people out there -- Blue Lace Agate, Jet, Angelite and more can help you cope. As for what's next -- that's mostly up to you.

Dealing with how the world is right now can be overwhelming, but we all have to do it. The way I choose to look at it is this -- whatever the other side of this looks like is still a mystery, but I want to see it for myself. And once I get there, I have no desire to come back this way again. We will all be stronger because of this, mostly because we leaned on and learned from one another when we needed to most.

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