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Instinctually, you just know ...

That's how it happened for me when I got my introduction to healing stones and crystals. It was a trip to a crystal shop with Tracey when I wandered off on my own to look around, and the bright red flash of colour caught my eye.

The swirls of light in Sardonyx were the bait for me - I picked up a few stones and rolled them around in my hand. I didn't know what they meant at the time, but I kept looking at them and thinking how unique they looked. I took the bait without even knowing it.

I put them back in their holder and moved on, looking at the other stones in the shop. It wasn't like I was obsessed with the idea of having Sardonyx everywhere, but it made an impression on me. Tracey would later tell me that's how a stone finds you -- it makes a connection with you and draws you in.

Being a beginner, I was still learning about how stones could have healing properties and other qualities, and it wasn't until we paid another visit to a different shop that I became curious about what Sardonyx could do for me.

So, this is what I learned -- being a highly protective stone, Sardonyx promotes traits like happiness, optimism and confidence. It encourages motivation and will power, and has excellent grounding action.

And this is what I learned about myself: once I incorporated Sardonyx into my daily routines, I had a heightened awareness of feeling more confident as well as a deepening sense of balance in many aspects of my life.

To think, it started with a glimpse ... letting the visual texture play out in my mind's eye, coming back to it over and over. That's how simple it was.

Whatever you're looking for, let your eyes guide you there. Trust that visceral feeling you get when you see a stone for the first time. Let it talk to you and guide you down your own path.

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