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Brow Bands - Thrive

SKU: 12345678

Custom-made leather brow bands, adorned with healing stones/crystals of your choice. Choose from three different band colours and lots of different stones.


Please note that some stones are offered in multiple size options, and the price will reflect that.


You can choose from the following stones for your Thrive Brow Band by Stonepath:

  • snowflake obsidian (6 mm)
  • blue lace agate (chip)
  • blue goldstone (chip)
  • snowflake obsidian (chip)
  • sodalite (6 or 8 mm)
  • opalite (6 or 8 mm)
  • rose quartz (6 mm - matte)
  • carnelian (6 mm - round)
  • green aventurine (6 mm)
  • unakite (6 mm)
  • tree agate (6 mm)
Stone Size
  • Product Info

    Each brow band is custom made in Ontario, with stones sourced from all over the world. Your input is key to making each creation completely original - and making your Stonepath experience enriching.


    You choose the colour, the stone and the style -- we take it from there to produce your idea Brow Band by Stonepath.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Given the nature of our products, we do not accept returns on our products, nor do we offer refunds. Our brow bands come with a 1-year warranty (repairs & shipping included).