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Soul Stones - Thrive

SKU: 21354654

Any stone we have can be turned into a beautiful Soul Stones bracelet. With over 30 choices of stones and crystals at your fingertips, you can select ones to match a brow band or pet collar ... or just pick out something original for yourself.


Select your base stone & let us know if you'd like to mix in a few others. Pricing is based accordingly.


You can choose from the following stones for your Thrive Soul Stones by Stonepath bracelet:

  • snowflake obsidian (6 mm)
  • blue lace agate (chip)
  • blue goldstone (chip)
  • snowflake obsidian (chip)
  • sodalite (6 or 8 mm)
  • opalite (6 or 8 mm)
  • rose quartz (6 mm - matte)
  • carnelian (6 mm - round)
  • green aventurine (6 mm)
  • unakite (6 mm)
  • tree agate (6 mm)
  • Product Info

    You can order a Soul Stones bracelet in any stone we have in our catalogue, and we have spacers that can be included per your request at the time of ordering.


    We recommend that you do not wear your bracelet in wet conditions, especially salt water or a chlorinated pool.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    We do not accept returns on custom items, nor do we offer refunds.


    Each Soul Stones bracelet comes with a 1-time no-cost repair (provided all of the stones can be recovered & sent back to be re-strung).