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Welcome to your new path!

So here we are, finally proud to show everyone the fruits of our labour -- months of research, trial & error, and more than a few laughs. Stonepath44.com launched, and with it our vision of bringing together brow bands, dog collars and bracelets with healing crystals and stones ... and making you a part of this process.


The vision we had began as something much larger, but once the process began we found a way to distill things down to what we really wanted: finding a way to connect people with the animals they hold in a special place. Horses with riders, dogs (and cats) with their humans ... and even a little something for the humans, too!



 What we like about everything Stonepath offers is simple: you provide the idea, and we help you make that idea come to life. Our stone catalogue offers lots of great choices, so reading through it might lead to your own A-HA! moment ... which could turn into a Polished Pups by Stonepath collar or Brow Band by Stonepath band.



This is an exciting time for both of us (as well as the CEO, Lucy), so let your ideas run wild. We're looking forward to working with you for a long time! #LoveYourHorse #LoveYourPets #Stonepath44




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November 10, 2017

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