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Animals, humans and how to be happy listening


The main reason people come to me for an animal communications reading is to help their pet. These sentient beings provide us so much love, comfort and companionship each and every day, so why not pay it back and listen to what they have to say? Maybe you would like to find out more about your animal’s favourite foods; what makes them most happy; or general likes and dislikes. Sometimes there is a behavioural issue that you wish to explore and see if we can come up with a prescribed solution or just simply a better understanding by hearing from the animal’s point of view.


Regardless of the reason for the reading, each of my clients agrees: their intention for engaging Modern Day Dolittle’s services are to improve their pet’s quality of life and their relationship with their animal!


Because my connection is telepathic, and everything is energy based, the animal will often show me energy blocks in their body that have been picked up from their owner, environment, and elsewhere. Over time the energy that does not serve them (for the better) can affect their emotions and general well being. As such, during a reading, animals are known to offer advice to their human; some of the advice includes: energy clearing techniques; reiki (a form of hands-on healing); and suggesting particular crystals or stones to be used.


In fact, animals and pets can respond very quickly to the energy of crystals and stones based on the metaphysical properties that each of them holds. Below is a list of crystals and stones that will benefit your pet, including: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other four-legged and finned companions.


    AMETHYST - use for everything from pain to disorientation.  Amethyst’s energy perks up lazy or lethargic pats, clears negative energy while balancing your pet’s energy fields, calms rattled nerves, and is an all-around healer.

  • ROSE QUARTZ - injuries, wounds, reduces stress.  Rose Quartz is the stone to use if your dog or cat is aloof and standoffish. Rose Quartz energy will help your pet learn to accept love and companionship without fear. It is ideal to use with rescued animals, injured or sick animals, or when introducing a new pet into your household. Acceptance of the new member of the family (be it another dog or a new baby) will run a smoother course.


  • CARNELIAN - promotes emotional warmth, individuality, courage, happiness, and harmony. It also helps release emotions such as anger, fear, and envy. Attach a Carnelian charm to your shy or nervous dog or cat’s collar.  Carnelian is also beneficial for skin problems. 


  • CLEAR QUARTZ - a master healer that is effective for all conditions, strengthening the aura and protecting against negative energies.  Clear Quartz will help strengthen your pet’s immune system, which will improve his or her overall health. Clear Quartz is great for amplifying intention, so you could program it with a specific purpose for your pet, before use.  If you decide to use Clear Quartz for your pets, you should clear it in the evenings, as it will absorb any negative vibes with which your pet has come into close contact.

By using the right crystals and adopting a simple do-it-yourself, ‘preventative medicine’ wellness regime, I truly believe that everyone can add value and years to their animals’ lives. However, please remember that using crystals for healing pets and animals is not intended nor should not replace the advice of a professionally qualified veterinarian.


Meg is an animal communicator; yes, like a 'Modern Day Dolittle', she talks to animals. Studied under the world-renowned animal communicator and author, Maia Kincaid Ph.D., from Sedona, Arizona, Meg conducts two-way, telepathic dialogue with animals of any kind, here and past. She lives in Toronto, Ont., Canada, with her dog, Roo.


For more information, or to consult Meg for a reading email her at mv.dolittle@gmail.com. You can also find her on Facebook at facebook.com/moderndaydolittle/.








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