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Got the Winter Blues? Give these a try

We've all been there, so it's not unusual to admit this: the winter blues. The cold and snow has shown up in force lately, and the only sun you can sometimes find is on television on one of those impossibly sunny-all-the-time travel shows.


Funny how Santa forgot your tickets again this year, isn't it? Don't worry, it's not so bad. Apart from having good friends and family around, there are plenty of things you can do to shake off that seasonal frown you might be sporting.


Have you considered Lepidolite? Or Citrine? Or perhaps a little Blue Lace Agate? There are lots to choose from, so it just depends on how you want to approach things -- or, perhaps put another way, how you want to re-tune the Blues.



One of the first stones we fell in love with here at Stonepath was Howlite.

It's ironic that it can work to help you shake off the blues given that it looks like a grey little snowball. It's known for its calming influence and the ability to give you an increase in understanding, which is a good thing to have working for you when all you can think about is that pile of snow you still haven't shovelled from your driveway. It helps you relieve stress and usher away any anxiety, so maybe you can tuck it into your pocket before you head out into that waiting Winter Wonderland.


I mentioned Blue Lace Agate. Unlike Howlite's appearance, BLA looks like how it works: tranquil as a blue lagoon of water in some far-off (but never out of reach) tropical paradise. This is a nurturing stone that does its best work when the pressure is ramped up -- something you'll want to have on you for when you need your best performance or when you find yourself at your most vulnerable.


Christmas wasn't that long ago, so maybe you are still trying to get that New Year's resolution in gear ... the one where you promise to eat better, drink less coffee and generally take better care of yourself. Have you given any thought to slipping a little Shungite into the mix?



It looks like some pretty shiny charcoal, but Shungite is quite helpful in detoxification and purification of the body as well as energy auras. If you requite a little less detox help and something more along the lines of a boost of positivity, how about ...


Lepidolite. It's a beacon for positivism and helps with positive transformations, but it's a shot in the arm for those who need a boost in the trust and self-esteem department. It helps with stress and anxiety, and has also been called a crystal vitamin for emotional balancing.



And then we have what almost everyone could use a little more of this time of year -- the sun! Well, we offer you the crystals version of it: Citrine. Known as the embodiment of the Sun and for its abundance of happiness, this rich honey-coloured stone can aid you in prosperity, abundance, personal power and helping you reach your goals. To some, it's a light for the darker moments.

 And take heart in this thought: the first day of spring isn't too far off. You'll be mowing your grass again in no time!




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